Why herbs? Because it has been known for centuries that they are the one of best ways to maintain a psychophysical balance.

 The activity of plants was already known and valued in ancient times. Individual herbs were given special glorification. In the ancient Hindu book of Ayuwerda we can find numerous references regarding herbs. Same in ancient China, Greece, Egypt and even Sumer. All those great civilizations kWhy herbs? Because we know of their beneficial activity for centuries. They are an element of many beliefs, they are also undeniable foundations of medicine.new and appreciated great properties of selected plants. Some of them  were particularly appreciated.Ancient people knew garlic,lavender,mint, wormwood,tree barks and resins, aloe, aniseand many,many more. 

People from the ancient times used them for three main purposes:

  • to heal
  • in rites
  • for body and face  care

And this is our most obvious inspiration when creating cosmetics for Three Witches.*

For examples we can find some information on the use of herbs in the ancient Egyptian Ebers Papyrus and also in Lacnunga, a collection of miscellaneous Anglo-Saxon medical texts from late X century, we can read about nine sacred herbs. Some of them like nettle, chamomile, fennel are still very popular in these days. 

Herbs was considered sacred not only in european pagan beliefs (worth to mention here about verbena and mistletoe)but also in christian culture (myrrh and frankincence). 

Talking about phytotherapy we have to  mention here about the huge role played by women through ages - call them as you like: herbalists, prophetess, witches, charlatans. They knew about amazing properties of herbs and morover they knew how to use that knowledge.

Stay with us to continue the journey through the world of herbs, old beliefs and natural care.